Close protection


   Umbrella Safe Ltd provides protection for your family, your business, your home, escorts you to business meetings, negotiations, parties and presentations and, if required, would accompany you on your trips abroad. All of our employees are licensed in the UK, have been specially trained and certified, are in good physical and mental shape that facilitate making quick and professional solutions to reduce or totally eliminate risks. We provide both, a temporary protection by the driver and around the clock protection by a bodyguard for any stretch of time. We also supply English-speaking bodyguards and drivers.

Your safety is our job!

Provision of personal protection service is based on our practical experience and individual approach to each Client, that keeps our customers calm and secure for their live sand health. We believe that it’s always better to prevent an attack in advance, stopping the danger on time – this is the essential approachof the personal guard. Dependant on the level of potential threat to an individual Client it might be necessary to secure a team of bodyguards performing multiple tasks at once. To enhance safe transportation of the protected customer we offer armored vehicles, additional electronic devices, such as photo and video recordings, Gps Tracker and other devices that are available and can be supplied. We realize that the requirements for personal protection officers differ for each Client and are highly individual. Therefore, we select the best option and coordinate the schedule of work and responsibilities of bodyguards individually while readjusting for the needs of each Client. Irrespective of your chosen option of protection, we ensure strict compliance with our obligations and provide staff to protect you in any situation. Personal security of a Client is our primary and foremost obligation.   The Driver-Bodyguard has become the most popular version of personal protection in London.    The Driver-Bodyguard combines several skills and performs the following security-driven operational tasks:

  • Provision safety of the Client and his family members when traveling by car.
  • Provision safety /protection of Client’s personal property and documents.
  • Accident-free driving skills of executive-class vehicle.·
  • Prompt resolution of any confrontational or conflict situations.
  • Running various business or personal errands for the Client by car.
  • Carrying out confidential assignments for the Client.

  Duties and Responsibilities of Driver-Bodyguard of the highest professional

standard and who performs his duties faultlessly.

  • Produces guide lines to ensure the highest level of safety for the Client and his family.
  • Analyses the travel routes and selects the safest options.
  • Monitors the places of frequent visits by the customer.
  • Provides security at the Client’s home and office entry and exit points.
  • Chooses alternative routes for un foreseen circumstances or unexpected changes.
  • Actively defends the Client in situations of conflicts.
  • Attends the transactions meetings and negotiations.
  • Observes the individuals in contact with the Client.
  • Performs car-maintenance jobs and monitors its technical condition.
  • Keeps the records and promotes reduction in the vehicle’s maintenance costs.

   Modern business people spend most of their working time on the road therefore, it’s vitally important that all that time they have a reliable assistant next to them who could quickly transport them to the scheduled destination while ensuring complete safety.Our employees drive cars competently and respond to un usual situations and incidents promptly while observing the three most important factors at all times: safety, speed and comfort.