London maintains the status of the most popular and attractive city for tourists despite the high costs of this destination and obvious modesty of most hotels.

To see the Royal Guards and hear the chimes of Big Ben, to feed the ravens of the Tower of London and to view the city from the “London Eye” – to name just a few of the capital’s tourist attractions, as well as the traditional ” Friday’s cup” in Soho’s popular pubs overflowing with people.

We can take you to see Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey, Westminster Palace, Thorpe Park, Windsor Castle, Legoland, Wimbledon, Formula One GrandPrix – you can visit all of these sites accompanied  by a professional guide who will educate you with interesting useful information.




London attracts tourists not only with its history, but also opportunity to purchase.

Shopping London has long been transformed from a compulsory occupation to another tourist pleasure.

The city offers not even hundreds but thousent of stores that can satisfy almost every customer request.

All options all price categories, all possibilities you can find in  London.



Harrods is shore the most famous store not only in England, but in the whole world.

It was opened in 1849 now it has 7 floors and 330 shops of clothes footwear and  of premium class accessories, magnificent interiors, excellent service.

Harrods is a famous world shopping centre amazing with its beauty and abundance.

There you can find everything that your heart desires -from piano to the frying pan, not without reason its slogan for many years is the expression

            ” Everything for everyone and every where”.